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DW is motivated!

She called me at lunch today to say that since she made it to under 230lbs, she wants to start working out and eating healthier to drop more weight and start building muscle.  She wants me to workout with her and stop eating fast food.I am excited to finally have someone to work with on weight loss!  I still haven't lost any weight, probably due to me always having fast food for lunch. :o(This time we are both going to give it everything we have and see what happens.

Re: DW is motivated!

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    That's awesome!! Funny thing is-FI decided yesterday that he was going to start working out and eating better with me today! :)
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    Thats great! Working out is so much easier when you have someone to do it with. As soon as my gym friend moved I got lazy and stopped going. Yay for workout partners :)
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    I make DH his lunch and dinner so he is stuck eating better :) He also got a membership at 24hour fitness with me but its hard to get him to go since he works 12 hour days
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    That's awesome! Me and FI go to the gym together at least 2 x a week, the other days I go alone and I agree its way better to have a partner. I make him dinner most nights too but other than that he eats at his house, and his mom is always making unhealthy food. 
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