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What long term parking do u guys recomend?I need to park th ecar for a week or do u think a shuttle would be better?


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    Honestly, the very best thing would be to get someone to drive you and drop you off.....Parking is going to be crazy expensive and I've heard that your car isn't always safe...
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    Its not possible there is 6 of us going and even though my car seats 7 there would be no room for our luggage hehehe plus our flight leaves at 7:45 that means we have to leave the house by 4am
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    LAX parking is crazy expensive but if being dropped off is not an option then I would park in one of the lots outside of the airport and shuttle in. They tend to be half the price of parking in the actual long term airport lots. Its not always safe but most of them do have cameras and/ or security now.
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    My parents use "The Parking Spot" when they go to LAX.  You can usually find coupons for them also. I HATE taking shuttles we did that once and never again. I hated having to drop off a bunch of people before they dropped us off so your stuck in the car for so much longer when all you want to do is get home.
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    I would do what Amber said.  I'd look for a parking area outside of the 'airport', its typically cheaper and your car is safe.  I never had any problems.  I don't remember the parking I'd used before but it was about like $10 a day. 
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    I would so NOT take one of those shuttles from Redlands to LAX. Just as Sandra said, you will NEVER want to do it again. There is always someone on those shuttles that feels they need to be dropped off first because they are super special and it takes forever. By forever I mean foooorrrreeeevvvver!
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    Just thinking, if you do what Amber suggested (which seems to be the best option) and park at a location outside the airport, it would probably be best to have DH drop you, the kids, and the luggage off at the airport and go park....I don't imagine walking with the kids/luggage would be fun ;)
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    O to answer that MC... the parking area you chose typically has a shuttle that will take you to the airport.  Most run about every 10-15 minutes from the parking area to the airport.
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    OH-shows how much I know-lol
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    We parked in lot B off Sepulveda.  Cost $8 a day.  We ended up paying $56 total when we got back.  There were shuttles constantly going through the lot.  Lot B is part of LAX.

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