Ring Bearer Too Old?

My fiance and I would like to ask his nephew to be our ring bearer but we are slightly hesitant because of his age. We don't want to insult him by asking him to be the ring bearer instead of a more adult position but he is in that inbetween age where he it could go either way. Is a nine year old ring bearer too old?
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Re: Ring Bearer Too Old?

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    I don't think it is per se too old but one thing to think about is the age of your flowergirl (if you have one).  For example, if you flowergirl is only 5, the ring bearer might stand out a bit. 
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    I agree with pp. I don't think I would think twice about a ting bearer being 9 if the flower girls was at least 5 or 6. If she was only a toddler, I might notice. In good news, a nine year old will behave well and you can actually give responsibility too. My pastor loves to tell the story of the little flower girl who wouldn't stop talking during a ceremony.
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    I really think it should be what you want.  I'm Catholic and a parish I know of your flower girl has to be at least in 2nd grade, I would think that would be too old, but obviously it isn't.  Do what makes you happy!
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    a 9 yo can be a bible bearer or bell ringer or he is bordering the age to be a jr. groomsman if you want him to be involved. Also my nephew was involved in a wedding recently and he was an attendant. He thought his job was very important and he loved showing everyone where to sit so there are some more ideas for you...idid you l the 9yo how he feels? Maybe talking to him about th options he might pick something he feels comfortable with.
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