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GRRR: Photographer

so we still don't have our pro pics.when we left for the honeymoon on June 22nd, she said 6-8 weeks.I emailed her last week to see how it was coming, and she said ANOTHER 6-8 weeks.WTF takes so long?!

Re: GRRR: Photographer

  • Tell her that wasn't agreed upon and you'd like her to expedite things as politely as possible.
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  • I've always heard it can take forever.  My friend that got married in June 2008 still didn't have her pictures yet when we got ours after our August 30th wedding.  I'm sure your photog is doing weddings every weekend in addition to trying to edit everyone's pictures and assemble them and what not.
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  • Yeah, depending on the level of editing they do before you actually see them, it can take awhile. Especially during the summer when there are lots of weddings going on.I would still email her and say that you had originally agreed upon 6-8 weeks, and understand that she is busy, but perhaps she could meet in the middle at 9 or 10 weeks.
  • Ours took longer than what our photographer said too.  Then I made the mistake of waiting until his busy wedding season to finally choose photos for our albums... I doubt I will get them before thanksgiving.

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  • summer is the busy season
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  • You would not believe the amount of time it takes to edit photos, especially in this busy season. Hang in there. I know how eager you are to see them, but I'd rather wait a few more weeks and get awesome photos than get them now and they be crap.
  • thanks girls.. i guess it doesn't help that everyone and their dog is harassing me about seeing them and when they'll be ready.
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