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Savannah Center opinions and reviews?

I am looking for reviews and opinions of those who have worked with the Savannah Center for an event or held their wedding there? Did they communicate well and help coordinate plans and ideas prior to wedding? Are they willing to work with you? Gorgeous place!

Re: Savannah Center opinions and reviews?

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    We aren't having our wedding there btu we did go in for a meeting and things. The lady that we met with (can't rember her name) was ALRIGHT. Kind of rude and like we were bothering her. The minimum was definitely more than we wanted but the BIGGEST issue was the on the other side of the lake the place is surrounded by factory buildings which we were definitely not know with. It felt like we would have to use some seriously special photography to not have that in our pictures. As far as food and planning and things I can't say much but just letting you know our issues. Good luck picking a venue!
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    We attended a wedding there (Phil was a groomsman so I was there more than just as a guest and could observe more closely).  PP absolutely right, the woman (a Barbara Streisand wanna-be if ever there was one; you'll LOL) was rude, rude, rude.  It's an awesome space but the BS (aptly!) wanna-be was a real turnoff. 
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    Great, thanks for your help! I wouldn't have known about the buildings. I appreciate it.
  • Lindseym8Lindseym8 member
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    We aren't having our wedding there but we also had a meeting with them.  THe lady that we were suppose to have a meeting with wasn't even there and we waited about 20 minutes before they decided who would actually talk to us.  Also, when I called to make an appointment the lady told me that they only did receptions and not ceremonies, but we checked it out anyway.  When I brought up this information to the new lady the day of our appointment she looked at me like I was insane so I felt awkward as if I didn't understand what was going on.  It's a very pretty place, but the way that they talked to me and my fiance was very rude and I didn't appreciate it.  
  • kari06_12kari06_12 member
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    It's nice ... but I had similar experiences as listed above with staff ... I had to reschedule my initial tour, as the lady's daughter was sick .. no problem, except I had to call them 2 weeks later to reschedule (she said she'd call the following day)
    Once I actually went, I felt rushed, and like I was just another girl browsing their facility (which, I mean, I am ... but still).  A friend's experience with them was:  As they were touring, the lady stated to her father "You DO know how expensive it is here, right?" and they felt as though they were being told they couldn't afford it, which was not the case WHATSOEVER.  Just not the best vibe when I walked through and browsed. 

    And as far as the ceremony piece .. I was looking for an indoor ceremony, and the pictures look MUCHHHH nicer than the actual "room" the ceremony would be in ... I seriously kept waiting to head to a different building to find the amazing views I had seen in pictures ... and then the tour was over?!  It SEEMED like, to me, that they MAY try to squeeze in some "extra" costs that are unneccessary...i.e. she tried convincing me that I would need an extra ROOM for the number we were inviting ... because each invitee would attend my wedding, and maybe more.  Just enough to make me nervous ha.. (but that is not to say there ARE actual "hidden costs", that is just the vibe I got)

     It is pretty ... and I'm sure it'd be a great place for a wedding, but I'd search other venues and compare.  Plenty around!  =)
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