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Is anyone good with uploading videos to youtube or another video site? I have our rock the reception dance that I got back from our wonderful videographer (cobride2be's husband) but every time I go to upload it, it uploads but does not include the sound. I'm at a loss as to what else to do. Would anyone be willing to help me? If so, email me so I can send you the video file.kellyraeburton at yahoo dot comTIA!

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    I'm not much help, but did you get mpix to work?
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    I'm so glad you responded because I was going to send you another post about  I uploaded almost all my photos and started on the album (flush mount) and it only lets me upload one picture to each page.  So, I tried what you said but can't find anything so I emailed mpix and they said that the photo book software is for creating press items or press books.  So I would have to use my own software (they recommend photoshop) and then I would be able to.  I don't have photoshop so I'm not sure how I would do this.  I just want to make the assembled album or a flush mount album so it looks like a traditional wedding album but it's seeming more difficult or more expensive (on other sites) than I thought.  So, did you use photoshop?
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    Huh... that's so strange... I used their program and it worked PERFECTLY.  But, I think I realized what's wrong.. The book I got does fall under press products (it was our guest book).  That is so strange that it would not let you do the same with the other.  I'm so sorry for the confusion, but that's a bummer, because I was totally planning on doing that, too...  I'm so sorry!  I looked on Kodak and didn't see any really nice albums either... hmm.
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