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What type of ribbon goes on cake without problems?

Hello everyone!I have a dilemma.  I have seen many beautiful cakes with the ribbon on the bottom of the cake.  What type of ribbon is that and where can I find it at?  I've tried florists, jo ann fabrics, hobby lobby to no help!  Please help!

Re: What type of ribbon goes on cake without problems?

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    There's not exactly a cake-specific ribbon. You may be thinking of a fondant ribbon, though, which your baker can make.
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    Fondant ribbon is your best and safest choice... Basically, your baker makes or purchases this for you and colors it to match your swatch.  It's also in the grand scheme of things not going to cost you more than what it will to purchase all of the ribbon to go around your cake and more importantly you don't have to worry about the food safety aspect of ribbon (some ribbons will bleed dye's into cake that are toxic, not that a person is likely going to croak or anything, but it's still the point of you don't want that in your food..)...
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    [img]http://i28.tinypic.com/2uszmee.jpg[/img]Our cake had ribbon along the bottom of each layer.  The bakery advised us to get satin ribbon, and to avoid anything with glitter or anything polyester, or anything that was indoor/outdoor.  We bought our ribbon at a craft store.  It's not special cake ribbon or anything - just simple satin ribbon - probably 1.5" wide.  Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, Michaels, even stores like Wal-Mart (although I don't like them) will have it.  If you can't find the color you want in stores, look online.  Papermart.com sells many colors of satin ribbon.  I can't remember what much the bakery told us to supply, but we had a 4-tier cake and one roll of ribbon was enough.  You might want to ask your bakery.
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    Satin ribbon works just fine.  I've used it on cakes before.  I prefer double faced satin ribbon because it's thicker and will not soak up the grease from any icing from the cake.
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