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Lauren's Make Up Art

Is anyone else using her in the near future. I have been trying to reach her regarding my sil make up trial and she is not getting back to me. I havent talked to her since I booked her services a few months back. Just wanted to know if there has been anything recent about her. Thanks

Re: Lauren's Make Up Art

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    Warning: I booked her and two months before she backed out. She said she wasn't available any more. This was after she raised her prices. The big kicker, I emailed her to setup a trial and that's when she told me. I would recommend looking around or getting a good committment.
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    I made several attempts to book her services as well.  When I finally did get ahold of her and we figured out that she was available, she said that there would be a 50 dollar travel fee.  I told her that I was clearly within her "St Louis and vicinity" that she advertises free travel to, and she said she could cut it to $25.  I live in Dupo, literally 10 minutes from downtown.  It would take her longer to get to Dogtown than my house!  LOL  After that, I told her I would find someone else.  She just didn't seem reputable to me after she clearly didn't follow what she stated on her website.  I agree with the previous post.  Try to find someone else.  The fact that she is not keeping in contact with you is not a good sign that she will be there for you on your wedding day, and better to find someone else now than be stranded on that day with no chance to find a replacement.
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