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Language Barriers a Problem?

*Copied from another post on another board* Hi ladies, I have a bit of a situation and I was wondering if any of you might share how you'd feel in the same situation. I'm Chinese-American, and FI is Caucasian. We're having a pretty traditional wedding with some Asian inspirations, but not a TON. My parents would really like to instead take all of my relatives out for a banquet the day after so that they can all catch up the way they'd like to, celebrate our marriage, and not make them or our other guests feel too uncomfortable by conversing and laughing in their native language and seeming rude. Sort of like a "farewell brunch" or Sunday brunch after a wedding, but instead a chinese banquet. I'd like to invite FI's immediate family along because I think it'd be a nice gesture and so that they can share in the joy and maybe get to know some of my relatives a little better. I'm horribly afraid, though, of how awkward it might feel for many of the guests that can't speak very good English or any at all (from out of the country) and for FI's family. I also don't want my relatives who haven't seen each other in a long time get caught up in chatting and ignore them, or feel like the can't be themselves in front of them for fear of appearing rude. It happens... in fact, it's happened to me before when my relatives don't speak the same dialect as me, and I feel weird and very "out of the loop". Would you feel really awkward in that kind of situation where everyone else was speaking in another language? What about your Asian family? We're going to visit them soon and they want to run through our plans for that weekend... I just don't know if I should bring it up and try to explain that it may not be comfortable or invite them and hope for the best... Sorry, this is so long. I'm trying to make the situation comfortable for everyone and include his family on some of the big events, but I think maybe this one could turn out to be more of a problem than a nice gesture. If I know my family well, they may not feel like they can be themselves if they feel like they may be judged. I also think that maybe my dad wants it to be just his family members, but he may be too nice to say no if I suggest it. *Thought you ladies might be able to relate more to my situation from my family's side rather than from the FI's family's side* :) THANKS!!!!

Re: Language Barriers a Problem?

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    Thanks you two! Sorry, I didn't notice people had added to this thread recently. I think it'll be fine to just invite them along. It'll b nice for them to see how crazy we are... I think. :P
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    I am white and my fiance is Taiwanese, and whenever they talk in Chinese, I kinda just start day dreaming. Honestly it used to upset me but it's something to get over for peace sake.I know when to not come to an event. It's kinda easy to know whether it will be easier for everyone to not have to translate for me.Now the family didn't sign up for awkward times so they should each judge whether they want to deal with it. That's about them, and you just giving them the invite is all you have to worry about. And don't be surprised if half of them decide to do something else. Don't be offended though.  Those that will come will help bond the family together more.
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