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Translation of ceremony

Has anyone had or is anyone thinking about having their ceremony translated? I thought it'll be nice to have the officiant's words translated into Chinese in their programs. I would love for my grandmas to know what's being said. Difficult to do? I can't translate it myself so I'll need to find a professional.

Re: Translation of ceremony

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    iance's cousin had a program only for chinese people and I think almost everything was translated, even the vows. We didn't get a program at all though. I thought that was kinda lame. I never even was able to hear their vows cuz they were crying throughout the whole thing.I was thinking of having a program to help translate for chinese speakers, but include both programs, maybe combine them. Then have a translator for the toasts, (my soon to be brother in law,) and seat all the chinese speakers at the same tables for them to feel more comfortable. I think he will have to translate chinese into english as well because I don't think it is fair to only translate one way. I don't want anyone to be in the dark for too long at a time.
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