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I am having the darndest time finding ties to match my Alfred Angelo cobalt blue dress....very few places will send you swatches and I can't afford to order randomly and dish out shipping costs if they don't work out....any one have any advice or experience matching ties?

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    i wouldn't worry so much about them matching the dresses. what about having them coordinate with the dresses, flowers, etc? our girls wore brown dresses and their flowers were lime green, hot pink and orange. DH wore a sherbet orange tie and the rest of the guys wore green ties. That way they still coordinated but we didn't have to worry about matching.
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    We had a swatch of the bridesmaid dress fabric in the glove box of my car, and whenever I was near a clothing store I'd check whether they had ties that matched or coordinated with ti nicely.  I didn't want to just blindly buy them online for all the reasons you're worried about it!  We ended up finding ties at Kohl's that match the dresses perfectly. 
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    We had a really hard time finding ties too.  We ended up getting them at Men's Warehouse. They didn't have the exact color we wanted in stock but ordered them for us! 
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    We did ties from Men's Warehouse too, but my daughters boyfriend found a really really pretty tie, that matched the purple in our wedding really great at Kohl's...
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    I agree with Nataloo.  If you can't find a match to the dress, go with another theme. But after all, no one will notice ties.  They will be looking at you in your gorgeous gown ;)
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    we found all of our groomsmen ties and usher ties at the Williamsburg Outlet mall at Brooks Brothers.  Warning, the are expensive but my FI is a lover of fine ties.  And bonus, when we went they were marked down from around $75 to only $26 each.  So that was a deal!  Good luck!!
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    I have found our ties at Khols too. Our colors are sky blue, light green and accents of white and silver for our Sept 3, 2010 wedding. The ties are not all matching, some are poke a dot and others are a large plaid with all the colors. In my option, it doesn't matter that all the ties match in style, but at least have the same colors. GL!
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