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Hey there ladies!If anyone rented a limo for after their wedding, who did you rent from and how much did it cost?  We're looking into this now and calling around for the best prices!Thank you in advance!

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    I tried pricing a few places.. and on the weekends they really only do 4 hour minimums soooo to pay for just 1 hr to get me and FH it was going to cost like $200 bucks!
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    To save money, we're doing a towncar instead of a limo...We're using Rose City Touring, which was the cheapest. The owner, Casey, seemed very nice. Our hotel also recommended Lucky Limousine and Columbia Executive.
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    zen, We used Best Car in Town---1947 Rolls Royce Limo. It was $250 for the first hour and we were picked up at our venue at 11:30 p.m. and taken to a downtown hotel. The driver arrived ahead of schedule, was dressed up and waiting for us outside the venue with two champaigne glasses in his hand and the door to the limo open and ready to take us to our destination. We might have run over an hour but were only charged for an hour. Some places charge less per hour but have a minimum of 4 hours. Highly recommend.
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