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Bridesmaid Vent

So it seems that bridesmaid drama comes naturally with a wedding. Well I had my first run in with it. I went out with friends to celebrate a birthday last night (a few of which are bridesmaids). Well a few drinks into the night, they decided to ask me if I was mad at one of the bridesmaids who was not there. I was confused and asked them why I would be. They proceeded to tell me because she backed out of the wedding. This was news to me! I try to play it off cool and was like oh yea, when did you guys here that? They had known for over a month! So I was MAD! For many reasons!1. She is the friend that introduced me and my FI so I REALLY wanted her in the wedding! She is at school in Hawaii though. So, when I asked her if she would be a bridesmaid I was sure to tell her that I realized it would be a big financial obligation and if she could not do it I would understand COMPLETELY! She insisted that she would be able to do it. 2. A few months into the engagement she started acting strange and so AGAIN I told her that if she needed to back out that was fine. I would understand. That would give me plenty of time to work something out. 3. She has known for over a month she wasn't going to do it and she never told me. I had to call her and tell her that I had heard. I am just angry because she never told me. Maybe I am blowing this out of proportion, but I feel really screwed over. I don't know if I should replace her or just keep the numbers uneven. I just feel like anyone I ask will feel like a back up bridesmaid! HELP! Is it too last minute to have a new bridesmaid? Am I being super bitchy by being mad about this?

Re: Bridesmaid Vent

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