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Water Bottles

I am having an outdoor ceremony and am in between having a water pitcher and glasses or metal water bottles. I would prefer bottles (double as favors); however, everywhere I have looked they are $15+ and I would want to customize them. Suggestions?

Re: Water Bottles

  • I'm having an outdoor wedding. Instead of water bottles, I'm having the caterer provide pitchers of water and glasses with fruit wedges or something.
  • Here's a site I found that sells metal water bottles for less.  Price per bottle depends on the type and quantity, but they are as low as $3-something per bottle - click the Price Comparison tab to see all products' prices at once.  You can order them blank or customized. They do have minimum quantity requirements (72), but you can order additional bottles in smaller increments.  [url]http://snipurl.com/nzy50[/url]If you customize them, I wouldn't put your names or wedding date on them.  As a guest, I wouldn't really want to use a bottle with someone else's name on it, and then they would just go to waste.  It's cheaper to get blank bottles.  They do have different colored bottles depending on the style - maybe you could get bottles that match your wedding colors?Besides doubling as favors, I would think it would be easier, with an outdoor ceremony, to set water bottles on the ground by my seat during the ceremony than glasses, as the ground might not be exactly level.Also, remember to wash out all of the bottles before offering them to guests if they will be used at that time - I believe all of these bottles advise the consumer to wash before use.
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