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I really liked those cake serving sets you posted about a few days ago!  What site were they on?  I'm finding a lot of ugly or blah ones, and would love to find more like what you shared. :-)  Thanks for your help!  

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    Hey! The first one and the last one were from the second one was from, although I can't seem to access the page again for some reason. You can't order from dcwoodproducts online, so maybe you can call them and see if they still have it in stock, looks like they called it a 'twig cake server' under the 'kitchen' and then 'twig cutlery' sections. I ordered the third one I had listed (with the really skinny handle) from about a week ago, it's not supposed to ship out until the beginning of August, so hopefully everything works out with it.
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    Good deal, thanks for the info.  :-)
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