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4 Days & work is driving me crazy

Ladies, I have 4 days to go to the wedding.....and 2 days of work and we are super busy........I got a speeding ticket this morning (my future husband is a cop) and I get a speeding ticket......We are packed and ready for this 7 day cruise/wedding, my son is getting sick (trying to medicate him before it comes on full force) and I'm so tired, work has been busy since June and it is still going strong.  I'm presenting at a conference 2 weeks after I get back from my honeymoon and I haven't started yet on the presentation.  I'm stressed.....I do not drink but I need a drink now.  I'm babysitting a visit professor today and do not have time to do any work but they want me to do my evaluation tomorrow before I leave (when do I have time)...Sorry to ramble but I need Calgon to take me away.

Re: 4 Days & work is driving me crazy

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    Just do what you can and do the best you can! That's all you really can do. It seems like I have more deadlines in the next week before I leave than I have had all year. When it pours! Undecided Just hang in there and stay faithful, you are almost there!!! 
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    Whoo sah!!!! It will all come together. I totally know how you feel but on a smaller scale. I was the same way when I was going on this cruise back in April. Seemed like everything just piled on top of each other at once.

    Once you leave the office tomorrow...Dr orders a steamy bubble bath and a shirley temple :)
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    Just imagine how relaxing your vacation will be & the fact that when you get back you may have a lot of work but at least not with the wedding anymore. I am waiting for that day too...when I can finally say something other than wedding when people ask "what are you doing today?" lol
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    Take your time and do what you can. If you find you need to take another day off before wedding, then do it. Don't let work stress you to the max. Take time for yourself so you don't be in stress mode for your wedding. Praying for you that all goes well. Cha
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