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how necessary is a program?

We are tight on money and I'm just wondering if it's worth it to have a program. We are not inviting anyone who wouldn't know either of us, our parents, or the people in the wedding, so do we really need to spend the money on making them? What are your opinions? Thanks!
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Re: how necessary is a program?

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    I think they can be a nice addition, but they are definitely NOT a necessity.  We didn't have programs and I think I've only been to one wedding where they did programs.  If you're short on time and $$, skip them!
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    You don't NEED them, but you can also do them for pretty cheap anyway. I made my own on Microsoft Publisher and had 200 of them printed at Kinko's for $40. Made my own covers with my own printer and am tying them together with ribbon as we speak...
  • caseybunchcaseybunch member
    edited December 2011
    Were not doing them, they just didn't fit into our budget. It is a nice touch of detail and lets people know what is coming next in your ceremony. If it isn't in your budget it is something you can skip and not stress about because honestly most people just throw theirs away after the ceremony.
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    I did programs for our wedding. For us, it was a way to honor our grandparents that have passed away and keepsakes for our sentimental family. I designed them and had kinkos print them, so it wasn't a huge thorn in my side.
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