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Hey Knotties, So I think we’ve all seen Jill and Kevin’s wedding processional. There have been lots of chat on the boards about it, whether you love it or not, I want to know if you've seen anything like this at a wedding or plan on doing it at your wedding? It seems like we’ve went from a choreographed first dance to this. I’d love to hear what you’ve seen at weddings or receptions since this has become a trend. You can email me at [email protected] or post below. Thanks so much!Annie
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Re: Question for you...

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    I have a friend that was a bridemaid last fall in a wedding where each memeber of the bridal party would start to walk down and it would cut to a song even a certian lyric in a song that the bride and groom had selected for them to do there on little dance to the bridesmaid or groomsman didn't know what was going to play until they started to walk. She thought it was really fun and different but it fit the theme of the wedding which was very rock n roll with tattoos on display. I personally wouldn't do it I just feel like I want my cermony to be romantic and just don't know if you would get that feeling after watching the briadal party dance down the asile but I think it would be fun for when the bridal party is getting introduced at the reception.
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    I agree. I think it is much more appropriate for the reception rather then the ceremony.
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