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Any DJ recommendations?!

Has anyone had a good experience with a local DJ? Our reception is in Maryville, IL, and to be quite honest- I have no idea where to start looking for a good DJ!  We appreciate any suggestions!

Re: Any DJ recommendations?!

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    Well the DJ that I talked to so far is from Breese, IL which is not too far from Maryville.  I'm actually from Highland.  The DJ service is Short Circuit.  They were very professional.  I'm fairly certain we will be using him.  I can give you some info if you're interested.
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    I am kinda late on this, but figured it's worth a shot.  I just got married in April and used Short Circuit for my DJ.  We had Marty and loved him.  His brother Timmy is pretty cool too.  My hubby & I both know them personally so it was pretty much a no brainer for us to use them.  People raved about our DJ and how he kept everyone on the dance floor all night.

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    Were using Nighthawk DJ in Milstadt.. (weird name, I know..) My cousin used him and we really liked him. He offered to do our reception 5 hours for $500 including lights, microphone, and projector.


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    Short Circuit is who I'm using also.  They seemed very professional, and well known in our area.
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    I highly recommend Tom Rotter with Block Rockin Beats.  He was my sister's DJ in 7/2007 in Albers and then my DJ in 9/2007 in Belleville.  I feel that a DJ is the main organizing factor at a recpetion (unless you have a wedding planner).  He did an excellent job.  Oh and I recommended him to my friend and she had him as her DJ just this past May.   I've heard NO complaints!
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