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Is anyone doing this or has anyone seen this done?  I've never been a huge fan of favors, and do a lot of community service, so thought this would be a great alternative.  But how do you let your guests know so they don't think you just forgot about it?

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    Yes, I had the same idea. Many organizations will print cards, or scrolls that you can leave at each place setting or at each table. I chose the American Cancer Society. They offer several beautiful choices and will print them for you in your choice colors. They request you send them a donation thereafter. Again, many charitable organizations offer these options. i would recommend that you choose a charity that is meaningful to both you and your fiance. Best of luck to you and hope this was helpful.
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    Thanks for the feedback!  We have picked our charity but I wasn't sure the best way to spread the word.  I like your idea of doing a scroll--I was also thinking a framed notice on each table next to the table card. I just think this is such a nice tribute to the guests, so I'm really happy we made the decision.
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    Doing a donation is a wonderful idea. I really do like the idea, but it's not, and never is, in lieu of favors.A donation made to your charity is not a favor for your guests if they happen to prefer a different charity, and most will. Giving money to someone else that would have gone into buying a gift/favor for your guest is not a favor. Most guests will not notice the lack of a favor. Most favors aren't taken anyway, unless it's edible. You can make up cards or put in your program that you have made a donation to your charity in celebration of your wedding, or to commemorate the occasion. But please leave any mention of favors out.
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    Thanks, Chryse.  I wasn't going to actually mention the fact that it was instead of a favor, but rather thought of writing something like, v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} p\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} v\:textbox {display:none;} "In honor of this special day, a gift has been made on behalf of all of our wonderful, supportive family and friends to our favorite charity..." and then talk about the charity.  Honestly, I think favors are usually cheesy and I always just leave mine.  I'd rather put double the amount I would have spent on favors toward something that will make a difference.
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    Maybe it's a regional thing, but I know that my friends and family would riot at the wedding if we provided a donation in lieu of a favor.  I've actually heard people I know say "ha, well in lieu of a gift, I've donated the money I would have spent to a charity as well, the foundation of (insert person's own name here)."  Maybe it's insensitive, but some people do think that way.  I think if you do a donation, maybe you could do a small, inexpensive edible favor or something.  I dunno.
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    I agree DA. The only time that the whole "In lieu of favors" thing is acceptable to me is when you've also requested that guests donate instead of getting you a gift as well.
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