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I went to a couple weddings last year where instead of a large wedding cake, they had mini cakes at each table, just big enough to serve those at the table.  They had all differnt flavors, frostings and each uniquely decorated.  Just wondering if anyone has done this or is doing this and knows of a good bakery that would accomadate.  Also, I'm really wondering about price, if it would be quite a bit more expensive

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    all of the bakeries we looked into would be more than willing to make these for you (cake gallery, graham's goodies, the cake speciiasts, the cake box) but I think it will be a little pricier. the extra charge will prob be due to labor, more decorationg etc. Similar to a big wedding cake, you could prob make the little cakes as expensive or inexpensive as you want depending on what you want (fondant, lots of piping or just simple buttercream). Essentially you would be paying for 15 or 20 (depeding on your guest list size) individual cakes that prob serve 8 to 10 ppl per cake. I think it's a very cute idea, and something I haven't seen done very much. If my heart wasn't set on a big cake, I would have looked into it also. Good Luck!
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    a friend of mine did this and it was really cute. she actually put them on inexpensive pedestals (or you could borrow them from others) and used them as her centerpieces along with a really cute little poem that said something about sharing them with other tables (the cakes were different flavors). they were decorated really simply and were a hit! so even though they might be a tad more expensive, you could save money on flowers (or just put a few flowers on each cake if you are set on flowers). HTH!
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    We were going to do this but of course I have changed my mind 50 times! Check out Erika at the chocolate season, GREAT PRICES! She has been wonderful to work with. we are not doing cakes now but she is going to make alot of mini desserts for the reception. ( Me and the FI don't like cake)
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    We are doing cupcakes on elevated plates. I originally was going to do individual cakes per tables and make them myself, but decided to go with the cupcakes instead to give more of a variety to our guests.
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