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I was wondering if anyone has used James P Davis Hall and if so how did you set it up, since it is basically 2 rooms? Also does anyone have any recommendations on a site that can host a wedding and a reception BUT doesn't have a huge weekend guest min. Our guest count is approx 75-80 but the majority of places we have looked is asking for 150+ guests for a saturday wedding. It really doesn't matter the location in the city.tia ladies

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    check out the ritz charles. Not sure if they have a min or not for sure, but I don't think so.
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    Loose Mansion does not have a guest minimum and is a very nice venue.
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    I second Loose Mansion! It is perfect for the size of your guest list.
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    thank you
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    I would recommend The Villa. The people have been great to work with, the big room is lovely, it is quite affordable and the location is nice. I think your size is ideal as well.
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    James P Davis was where I always wanted to have my wedding, but the guest list won't fit. =/Most weddings I have seen set up in the room with the stage, since the lighting adds to the effect of your big day.  Then, guests or ushers can carry the chairs across the foyer to the other room where you can have your catering or buffet and tables already set up.  While the guests are eating, the DJ can finish setting up back in the ceremony room so that there's a big open floor for dancing.I also love the coat closet as a dual purpose room -- if you have coats to check then use it for that; if not it's the perfect place for a gift table attendant since gifts can be placed out of site in a separate room, minimizing the chance of any gift theft or accidents if you have kids attending.Not to mention, Davis makes for absolutely gorgeous pictures!
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    I forgot, the last time I checked there was also room in the building for an open wet bar if desired -- complete with shelves, in the foyer area, as well.Best of luck!
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