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Where has everyone bought their candy for their candy buffet? Looking online it is very expensive for shipping. Is there a local warehouse we can go to avoid paying shipping? TIA

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    we went to BJ's and it was inexpensive compared to ordering it online
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    I got mine from Jack Smillie Inc. in Woburn.  They have a showroom and a warehouse..PIB...HTH!
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    Here's the info for Jack Smilliewww dot JackSmillie dot comJack Smillie, Inc.Weathervane Foods15 Linscott Rd.Woburn, MA 01801Tel: 781 935-1000Fax: 781 932 4191I believe they are open on Saturday early mornings to the public but that was over a year ago- if you're interested I would call and get the updated times.  HTH!
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    just another idea...I went to a couple penny candy stores and asked if they would help me out and they were more than happy to! :) HTH
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    I also got mine from BJ' of my bridesmaids gave us the M&M's with our names and wedding date on them...they were a very hot item!
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