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Since you all are such fabulous resources...Does anyone know if it is possible to get a photographer on the Cape for under $2,000 to do a wedding?  Or am I dreaming?

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    Yes, you can, but let me ask you this... Are you planning to get your wedding album plus photography under 2k? My photographer was double that, but I am getting all rights on DVD, album, all prints printed in proof album, plus prints, and all touch-ups.... If I wasn't getting all that it would be right around 2K to have him for 8-hours plus his assistant for the full day. e-mail me if you want his information @ [email protected] If you do want all of that for under 2K - I know someone had just asked that on the Boston board and got a bunch of options. I'm not sure how good they are, but its worth looking into.
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    DVD & touch-ups I can live without. I would like a nice selection of photos to go through when I'm old - you know, something to torture my grandchildren with… Realistically, I'm setting aside $2500-$3000 for a photographer, but I promised the guy who's paying for this with me that I would look for one closer to $2,000.
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    It is possible!  I am having Clare Norton.  She is based out of Maine, but travels anywhere.  She is $1500 for the entire day and give you proofs, and all your negatives to use, and more.  Check out her website you wanted an engagement session (if you were here to check things out beforehand) she is $1600.  Really she is awesome!!-jess
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    Also check out Amanda at She's local to the Cape and has a few packages under $2k. She's also very flexible and works with you to get what you want. I decided on a different photographer but did meet with her and she was high on my list. Very personable and takes good pictures.

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    I'm using Deb Grey from The Classic Image, out of Plymouth.  $2500 for 8 hrs, 32 pg album, 2 parent albums, website hosting, etc.  She has been really great so far. 
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    I met Deb Grey at a bridal show in Plymouth- she was really nice, and the work she had with her was top notch. Media Concepts would be in your price range (we are using him for video, but he does photo as well) and defiantly look into Keith Berry I have also seem many people recommend Jeff Turner in this price range (but never met with him).
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    highly recommend checking out John LoConte at very reasonable prices and awesome to work with... hth :) gl
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    I used Kristen Dawn for my July 08 wedding, check her out she is Around $1,500
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    Check out ACM you I wanted to stay within a $2k budget. She also let me select something else since I did not want a portrait session and that was included in the package we choose. Good luck!
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    I'm using Rhonwen Churchill Vos of Cape Cod Digital Photography$1800ish = 7 hours photography AND 5 hours of video!I think that only includes one print (a big one on canvas), but she is giving us a CD with all the pictures on it - so i can edit and print as a please.  OR i can create and album and print through her.  She seemed great when i met her, the photos were beautiful - more "photo-journalistic" (which is what I was looking for).  I cried when she showed me their sample video - it was very well done.My wedding is Sept. 12th, so i'll vendor reviews then!
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