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Holy Trinity Church Ankeny

Is anyone or has anyone used them?I have my first meeting with the wedding coordinator on Saturday morning when Im in town.  Im a little nervous as to what is going to be asked and if Im missing anything.  I appreciate any and all advice as FI is unable to attend and Im a non-member.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Holy Trinity Church Ankeny

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    I don't know anything about them but some things to ask:-Any policies regarding photograph, or video if you are doing those-Can the flower girl scatter rose petals, if you are having a FG-are they decorating? or are you?  If it is you are thre any rules-Policy regarding music-rules on aisle runner if using one-do they have mics for the officient?  -are they handling clean up-how long do you have the place-if you are doing a rehearsal, can you have it there?  are there extra fees?That is all I can think of right this moment, GL
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    Thanks Kimmy so much! Btw where did you get that veil? I love it!!!
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    Your welcome and thank you, I actually got it at David's Bridal!
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