hey ladies

just swinging by to say hello.....donna did you get my email the other day?im still suffering from some life is insane lately...i hope everyone is well

Re: hey ladies

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    hey Sing! I hope everything is going well!! we miss you on here!
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    Hey Jenn! Sorry to hear your still bummed...  It will get better!  We miss ya, so come back more often :)
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    Hope things get better for ya!  You should come to the GTG, that will cheer ya up.
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    Jen, I did get your e-mail!  Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet...I'm totally slacking in the e-mail department!  I'm sorry you're still having a rough time...I really hope you'll come to the GTG, we'd love to see you!!!
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    it depends on my son...last time i brought him to bww it didnt go so well    
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