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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Last minute details not to forget?

I'm a few months away from my wedding and I've seen some girls post how they had so much to do last minute that the wished they didn't procrastinate.Do you mind sharing what some of these items are?  I'm so worried I'm gonna stress myself out too much and my wedding is New Years Eve so I'll also have tons of Christmas stuff going on and what to get whatever I can done

Re: Last minute details not to forget?

  • The things I wound up doing close to the wedding...1) Place cards - because you can't really do these until you get your RSVPs2) Programs - had to finalize all of the details with the officiant, choose music, etc3) OOT bags - again, had to know who was actually coming4) Wrapping attendants' gifts, writing their cards, groom's card and giftIf you are DIY the placecards and programs, you could do the formatting ahead of time and fill in names and details as you figure them out.  But some things have to happen close to the wedding so try to get done everything you can because things will creep up on you!
  • I really procrastinated on my seating arrangement and cards. I ended up doing them the Monday before the wedding, totally underestimating how much it would challenge my patience. I had everything else organized well planned going into that last week, but this really frazzled me.
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    This were my things:- Make your seating arrangements, if you go to Martha Stewart's website she has a free thing where you upload all of your guests onto her website and you can just drop names onto tables. it is a fantastic program. If you do it as your RSVP's come in then you can also put their food in, and then just print it off for your reception venue.- Make sure to plan a lunch stop for your friends (both the girls and the guys). Anything is good - catered or even a quick stop to subway. You don't wnat to be stressing about everyone being hungry the day of!- Make a basic time line. Nothing fancy but something that your bridal party can print off and keep/give to their dates. Starting with Friday all the way through Sunday put in order of time who is expected to be where and let them know right then if dates are invited to a particular thing or not. This will make it so you have less people asking you questions. Make sure that you not saying that people don't have to do it but this is what the plan is - that way people won't think you are totally crazy :)Hope this helps!
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  • I did procrastinate on my DIY projects so that caused some last minute stress.  The farther ahead you get everything done, the better (some things though like the seating arrangements probably will have to wait).  As far as practical stuff, make a list now of everything you'll need for the wedding day... everything from a full length mirror (if your place doesn't have one) to a bridal emergency kit to snacks.  Whatever you can think of.  If you wait until the last minute, you might forget some important stuff.  Also make sure you put together a list of all your vendors along with their contact information in case you have to call them on the wedding day.  Give copies to other people too like your DOC if you have one.  That way, if there are any vendor snafus, someone else can deal with it... haha.  Get a bunch of envelopes, one for each vendor, and enclose a check for final payment as well as tip money (if applicable) because it simplies the whole process.  Then you can put your FI or a family member in charge of handing them out.    Oh and I'm sure you already know this, but make sure you confirm who's cleaning up at the end of the night, who will return the tuxes to the store (in case you guys can't do it), who is going to transport the leftover centerpieces/decor back to your house, etc.  Get all those little details figured out now so you don't have to worry about it later.
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  • Thanks girls for all the advice!!
  • One thing I don't see mentioned that we almost forgot - vendor final payments and cards. We had 3 vendors that had to be paid/tipped and I purchased Thank you cards for each of them. Be sure the appoint someone to hold onto those payments and give them to the vendors at the wedding. Best of Luck!
  • I'll be walking down to canon D but a song I absolutely love I will have my wedding party walk down to is Vide Cor Meum .  . . my fiances sister can all sing so I think I'll have them sing it for me.
  • JK0412- I just did part of our seating on the Martha Stewart thing, that is really neat.  Can you print so that one table is on one page?  I need to mess around with that part but if I can figure it out, that is an awesome way to do it! Thank you!
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