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Hey! I saw that you were married at St. Thomas Chapel. I was just wondering if you needed to be a member there for them to marry you and/or you had to pay any fees to the church?TIA!! :)

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    HI, I'm obviously not May08CapeBride but I too was married just this past June at St. Thomas Chapel. No, you do not have to be a member to get married there (I had heard that too at one point - it's false) and we had to pay $300! The Monsignor is sooooo super nice and laid back! It's a beautiful choice! Let me know if you want to see pictures!
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    Thank you for all the great information! I think we are going to have to give them a call. I would love to see pictures. If you want to email them to me, my email is diorgirl2124 at yahoo dot comThanks!!!
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    Thanks bridesmaidx!  I'm not on here as often anymore as I was when I was planning! We are memebers of the parish so they didn't charge us anything but we did make a donation anyway.  Monsignor Perry is sooo great to work with as bridesmaidx said!  We used Katie Lynch Koglin (harpist) for our music and she brought her friend who was a flutist and it was absolutely perfect for that Chapel!  I also reccomend Sue Hobart for flowers- she's decorated St.Thomas a million times and knows what can and cannot be done there.  Let me know if you have any other questions!
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