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forgot to proofread

I went to a wedding this past weekend. When I checked out their program I noticed their processional song was listed as "Jesu, Joy of Man's DRESSING." I couldn't stop laughing. I was wondering if any of you have some great "forgot to proofread" moments from weddings to share.

Re: forgot to proofread

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    Too funny... I just picked-up my programs this morning and we're using that piece too - so had to check and make sure mine were correct. Mine are fine, but that's probably one of those things you glance right over when it's the 4,000'th time you've looked at the document.
  • rkroerrkroer member
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    I don't have a moment like that to share, but my FI and I went to a wedding a month ago for one of my friends and they had a singer there for some songs.  The one they chose for seating the parents was Bette Midler's "The Rose" and we both told eachother after that all we could think of was The Happy Hands Club from "Napoleon Dynamite" --- so glad we kept it together during the ceremony, but we busted up laughing once we got into the car!  :-D
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    I did! I did DIY invites, I thought we had both looked them over, but we listed the address of the wedding wrong.  We put East XXXX Road, where it should have just been XXXX Road(no East).  I have a big note on our wedding website calling out our misprint and I am also making maps for the hotel to give out to guests.  Owell!
  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    My sister was stuffing her invites and realized the insert for the reception said that cocktail hour was at sic thirty. The script was really curly cursive and on the computer screen it looked ok. I honestly wouldn't have noticed it but she got them re-printed.
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    Yea, Just today I got my invitation design back.  I looked at it before going to the printer, but noticed after everything had been printed that the designer put "Methodist Church, Shoreview MN"  Instead of the full church name "Peace United Methodist Church..."But not a biggie, the full name was on the back, along with directions.  People will figure it out.
  • kbjordanikbjordani member
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    this didn't happen to FI & I, but we had a wedding last summer and on the response card; instead of listing one of the entree choices as 'Breast of Chicken'; it was missing the 'r' and just said 'Beast of Chicken'. It was a good friend of ours and we found it pretty amusing, they're really laid back people, so they just laughed about it.  When we were working on designing our invites, they asked if we were going to serve Beast of Chicken as well :)
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