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Wedding Date issue

I need y'alls advice. My fiance and I set our date back in November and decided on June 19, 2010. We chose the date based on his off weekend because he works shiftwork and we didn't want him to take vacation for his 3 day weekend for the wedding so that he can use all his vacation for our honeymoon. But then a couple of weeks ago, we realized that we are getting married father's day weekend. What do y'all think...should I keep the date or change it? I've been stressing a lot about it because I'm worried it may be the wrong weekend. And I already have photographer, reception hall, and ceremony location booked with deposits already given.

Re: Wedding Date issue

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    I think it's fine.  You're not getting married on Sunday (when most families gather for Father's Day), so I don't see any problem with the date.
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  • melissalyn05melissalyn05 member
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    I wouldn't worry about it, like pp said you are not getting married on Sunday so it shouldn't be that big of a deal, you may have a few people that travel out of town for fathers day not show up but im sure the majority will. Also it would be too much of a pain to change all of your already booked stuff and may get charged extra for moving the date and this far in, your reception hall and ceremony location is probably already booked up. Don't stress about it, it will be fine :)
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    You're getting married the same day as me :] As for the issue on it being father's day weekend, I wouldn't worry about it. If the majority of your friends and family live in the area then it won't be a problem for them to attend and honestly, how many people go out of town for father's day? I believe the majority of the people you invite will show up, regardless of the holiday the next day. Just relax and count the days until you [as well as ME!] get to marry your best friend!
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    LOL! That's crazy! My FI and I live in Prairieville and we also have our date for June 19, 2010. We picked the date because it's when we first started dating. OMG! I just realized it's Father's day weekend when you said that! Personally I'd keep the date, you've already given deposits and booked everything. It would be too expensive to change things now.
  • msiguemsigue member
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    I agree with the others, you should totally be fine.  My engagement party (obviously, not as big as a wedding) unintentionally was scheduled for Mother's Day weekend.  We had no problems at all.  Plus, to be honest and quite frank, Father's Day just isn't the spectacle for most people that Mother's Day is.  It's a double standards of sorts and it could just be my opinion but that just seems to be how it goes.  I love my dad and he gets a card and a gift and a phone every year for Father's Day but everyone goes all out for Mother's Day.
  • dlbrousdlbrous member
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    Don't worry about it! I'm getting married 1 week before Christmas. Wouldn't have been my very first choice originally... but as it turned out it worked BEST for my fiance and I for work/internship reasons... So that's what we did. I know how you feel about worrying about other people's plans and schedules but this day is about YOU. I know it's hard sometimes to come to terms with that haha... but do your best!
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