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RSVP cards

So I'm working on my invitations and RSVP cards.  Invitations are mostly done, just waiting to met with the pastor today to set the ceremony time and choose what Halloween design we're putting on them.  I'm not sure what to do with the RSVP cards.  I want something more interesting than "accepts" or "declines" or whatever standard verbage people are using these days.  I polled my mom and FMIL, and my mom thought it was stupid, and FMIL came up with something to the effect of "will have a frightful good time" and "wouldn't be caught dead there."Anyone out there more clever than me?

Re: RSVP cards

  • Nah, we're boring and didn't do anything fun like that. I kept the wording on everything pretty standard since we're going all out on everything else.

  • I saw one that said "RSVP or R.I.P by your date" on the bottom and then it said "Dare to come" and "be there in haunting spirit."   HTH :)
  • BTW...if you want to see a really cool Halloween wedding, check out GothBride55's bio. Unfortunately, I took mine down, but I borrowed a lot of ideas from her. I'm not sure if it's still up, but mrshalloween also has good ideas. GL!
  • Ours say: __ Gladly attend __ Regretfully decline __ Regretfully attend __ Enthusiastically decline __ Will decline to respond but ultimately attend __ Think you are just trying to wrest a gift out of meI found those online...not original, but it fits our quirky wedding.
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