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**Future Mrs Spain**

I noticed in roll call you said you wished you could change your screen name. Go ahead and make a new one with a new email address, and during the 3 day waiting period continue to post on this sn. Then just tell Brittany to change your screen name on the roll call. Many knotties change their name here and there, such as pre-wedding I was 2BJCustodio2009, but since I am no longer "2B" I changed it.HTH!
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Re: **Future Mrs Spain**

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    Thanks Jackie!  Question though, is all of my stuff going to be lost?  Like I'll have to redo my website and everything?
  • edited December 2011
    Your website wont be there when you click your new name, but you could always link it into your siggy the way it is now. But honestly - you should really redo it...  There's way to much personal info in there - both your last names, your attendants names, your registry info...  Theres a ton of people lurking on this site, and youve given them alot of info.  This website is great for your guests - friends and family that you dont need to worry about.  But I highly reccomend creating a new planning site w/ no personal info. Im sorry, but it is important - theres been stories of people cancelling vendors and all in the past - youve given them lots of info to play with!
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    Thanks Steph, definetly going to redo everything. Is there a way to just delete my whole account on the knot and make a new one?
  • MrsJax09MrsJax09 member
    edited December 2011
    I think you have to email TK to delete the old account. But you can just let it sit (ie, do not log into it.) :)
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    Im sorry! I didnt mean for you to have to delete it all - you can use that for guests and family, just not linked into your siggy for knot people to see...  I think its a great site for guests attending your wedding...
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