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I just got engaged and we are just starting our planning. Whew, it's kinda overwhelming. We want to have our wedding in the Okoboji/ Arnolds Park area. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on vendors or saving money. Thanks!

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    Page Sbt and she can give you the link to the DSM Knotties Review board
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    Congrats on your engagement.  Sorry I am not familiar with that area!!  Just wanna say have fun planning...
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    i think you need to have a budget in mind to start out with and then it is easier to move forward. your budget will help you decide how many guests, type of food, etc. i would also start thinking about what is important vs. not so important to you and spend more money on the important stuff. things that we splurged on: - food, photographer, flowers and linens things we saved on: - cake, invitations Also - while DIY can be fun, it's also important to think about the total costs. i made menu cards for my wedding with cardstock, ribbon, the whole nine yards and could have had them printed for cheaper. Think about dual purpose things. Can you move decor from the ceremony to the reception? One thing we did was a photo guestbook that served as a) a guestbook (obviously) and b) a great momento/album of our engagement photos. Finally - I would only book a photographer that will provide you with a cd with the images and copyrights to your photos. It will save you a TON in printing costs after the wedding. A 4x6 from most photographers is $8+ per print while you can print them online for 15 cents or so. Congrats on your engagement. My in laws live in Spirit Lake so I will ask MIL if she has any suggestions on vendors.
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    Many congrats on your engagement!  I don't have any vendor advice for that area, and Nat has great advice on budgeting, etc.  Best of luck, and welcome to the community! 
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    Congrats on your engagement and welcome! Have a great time planning. Try to relax and enjoy. I am nearing the end, and starting to regret that I have stressed too much and not truly enjoyed the process. We have a friend that lives in Arnold's Park, but I am afraid I am not much help on things aside from boating when in the area. Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone!
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