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How much to tip?

Hello ladies! Does anyone have suggestions regarding tip amounts for vendors? I have read that tipping the officiant is considered rude, but I am a little skeptical. Also, trying to tip 20% is much to expensive, as you know. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated -- I am especially anxious to hear from the married ladies on what you did with your vendors. Take care, Devon

Re: How much to tip?

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    Here's what I did: 20% was included in the catering contract, so no additional tip was needed.My DJ and Photographer both owned their companies, and they were both great, so I tipped them each $100 with a handwritten card.My officiant charges a fee and does not accept tips, but I gave him a Starbucks gift card (he meets all of his couples at Starbucks) with a handwritten thank you card.My DOC also did my flowers, linens, and other decor. She did her job (sub-par in a few areas), but I had some issues with her being rude to my guests at the Rehearsal and at my wedding. I paid her fees, but did not tip.
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    Tipping can get confusing! But I was told that you don't need to tip the vendors if they own the company. So we won't be tipping our DJ, caterer, or flowers/linens.
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    Thank you, ladies. This brings up a few more questions: If you do tip your photographer, when does it happen? Also, my photographer owns her company, but she will have an assistant photographer for the day. Shouldn't I tip the assistant, at the very least? By the way - is your officiant Pastor Mike? I recall he once suggested my fiance and I meet him at Starbucks, but we ended up meeting at his church instead. VERY sweet man!
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