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Moonlight Beach Overlook, Encinitas

Does anyone have any experiences they can share with a wedding at Moonlight Beach Overlook? We are considering it for our ceremony next summer. We don't love in SD and have never seen it in person. Much thanks for any insight!

Re: Moonlight Beach Overlook, Encinitas

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    oops, we don't LIVE in SD, we do LOVE SD though :)
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    I live in in Encinitas and the whole neighborhood around Moonlight gets a little crowded through the summer plus it's a little small but depending on how many people your planning on that might not be that much of a challenge another location that I was at when they were setting up for a wedding right up the street and a little hill with a little more parking and a great view is Viewpoint Park. Are you going to get a chance to come out here to look at locations or just be doing everything online I ask because I might be able to get you some photos of each I'm going to be right there tomorrow for something else.
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    If you would send me pictures, you would be such an angel! We only have 75 guests and really want an ocean view wedding. Thank you so so much!
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    What's your email I'm having issues getting the photos to upload but I can send you a file with both locations I want to add parking for the overlook today was 15 minutes of driving in circles at 2 in the afternoon mid week so with 75 people you might want to figure out something for parking if you decide to go with that location
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    My email is [email protected] thank you so much candsu2010. You are too awesome!
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