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WTF Helzberg?

My dropped off my ring about a week and a half ago at Helzberg to have it resized.  My FI got it sized there before he gave it to me, and he got it sized to a 5.5.  Whenever I put it on it was WAY too big.  The lady who works nextdoor to me is a jeweler and she measured it at a 6.5.... So I dropped it off at Helzberg because sizing it again is free since he bought the warranty and whatenot.  So, I call today to see if its in and they have NO record of it being dropped off!  The lady looked up my name and my FI's name! Nothing!  The women says, "Well, check back in a couple days and maybe it will turn up."  So I tell my FI this and he calls and asks to speak to a manager, and course the lady I talked to, was the manager... AH!  We're calling again tomorrow and if it hasn't been found I don't know what will happen, but I'm sure my FI will be raising hell.

Re: WTF Helzberg?

  • see if it turns up?!!? hellllllllzzzzzzz to the no!
  • Do you have a slip that they gave you when you dropped it off?  If you do, that's your proof that you gave them a ring and they better give you one back.I would be raising holy hell until they found it.
  • Oh my word!  That's horrible.  I hope they figure out what is going on.  I would call corporate - that manager should be spending the whole day looking for it - not telling you just to call back tomorrow.
  • Um, you might want to actually go down there and get this straightened out.
  • Did you get the name of the person you gave it to.  I hope they did not pocket your ring. 
  • Oh my gosh. I'd stroke out. The warranty on my ring requires that it be sent out for any repairs or changes. One of the diamonds seems to be a bit knocked out of place (only I see it), and I'm too terrified to let it go.I hope they find it. If not, I hope you develop hulk strength and start lifting b!tches up by the neck until they cough it up.
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  • Whaaaat!  "Maybe it will turn up"???!!!!  Who did you give it to when you dropped it off?  I'd be so mad at them!  Do you have insurance on it?
  • Um? I'd suggest calling a higher up- not to sound ridiculous but it is kind of your e-ring. Big deal in my book. Perhaps they can trace the ring to make sure it's where it's supposed to be. I refuse to send my ring away anymore- my FI got it at Zales, had to wait 2 weeks to get it back when he bought it b/c it was supposidly getting resized to a 5.75- it came back a 7 (aka- wasn't sent out).. alll the while my promise ring is sent out to Leroy's getting sized up, it comes back with the shank all thinned out. Screw that.
  • If I were you I would actually go to the store in person and I wouldn't leave until it was straightened out. The manager's response was totally unacceptable. "and maybe it will turn up". In no way is that a professional response.
  • Calling tomorrow? What? Go down there! If they can't find it when you are physically there, then call the police.

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  • Go in, take your receipt for the drop off.Make them check under your last name, your first name as a last name, and the same for FI. This happens a lot (stupid people enter the first name for the last) and then the ring "disappears."If they can't find it, make them check their stock of rings to sent out. If they can't find it, make them call their jeweler and find it. If they still can't find it, stand in the middle of the store and raise holy hell until they agree to make it right.
  • This whole thread makes me nervous since my ring is out for re-sizing right now. I'd definitely be calling a higher up.  Call corporate, or find out who the regional manager for your area is. They need to be doing a lot more than just saying "Oh, it might turn up".  It's an e-ring, for crying out loud. It's not like most people can just plunk down money for another one.
  • I really need to know whether you got a form from them when you dropped it off.  If you don't have that form, then there's absolutely no proof that you dropped off the ring and they might think you're lying.If you do have the form, you need to go down there immediately and talk to the manager in person.  That is not acceptable.
  • Not to sound like a drama queen or anything, but, I'd be down there, and if they gave me some flippant response like "maybe it will turn up," I'd probably be threatening to file a police report.
  • um.... I would take off work to go down there in person and get the situation taken care of.
  • I'd like to add that if going there in person doesn't work, I would e-mail helzberg corporate. I had a problem with helzberg once and was dissatisfied with the way the manager in the store handled the problem. So I e-mail helzberg and got a response right away. They apologized on the manager's behalf and said they would take care of the problem right away. A week later I got a written letter of apology from the manger, she fixed the problem and I got a coupon for $100 off my next purchase.
  • The person I dropped it off with is the person who I spoke with on the phone.  I recognize her voice because every time I've been in the store she's been a total b-i-t-c-h. I was planning on just swinging by before work to pick it up, so I don't have time to go fight with her today... but tomorrow if she hasn't got it taken care of I will be there.  I'm about to email the corporate office.  I'm at work so my option for a phone argument with them isn't possible right now.
  • No, I never got a slip saying I dropped it off.  I have the original receipt and the warranty.  The lady said I would just need to tell them my name and they could look everything up whenever I picked it up.
  • I have jewelry with Helzberg and they always give me a slip when I drop off the item so that I have proof that I sent it in for work.  If there's no proof, they can easily say you're lying and are just trying to get a new ring out of them.  Don't send your ring off for work without getting proof you sent it off.
  • And your positive you called the right store? Many people sound the same on the phone. I know personally I have taken my ring to 2 different stores to get things done to it.
  • When you're on the phone with corporate, ask what their policy is for sending jewelry out.I've NEVER sent jewelry out without receiving a slip saying I'd done that, and I've never been able to pick it up without that slip.That would make me exceptionally nervous. But, apparently I can go to your local helzberg and just pick up any random piece of jewelry that was sent out :)
  • Well, we'll all be asking for receipts in the future, whether or not the store usually gives them... You really need to handle this today, get on the phone and call corporate, tell them that the girl said "maybe it will turn up". If the person you talk to has any business sense they'll probably be mortified. If they don't work with you after that, file a police report.
  • If they try to give you any crap about not having a receipt/ticket, tell them to check the surveillance. All jewelry store do have surveillance right?They won't be able to deny that you dropped it off if it's right there on video.
  • They might not keep surveillance videos for that long.  Most places rewrite over the same tape every couple of days.
  • I got my ring at Helzberg and had NO problems with it.  That is really unfortunate.  I would be super upset.  I got my ring size last month and I recieved a slip with all the information that was a carbon copy of what they kept.  I would guess that is a corporate policy that they have to because not having documentation could be a huge liability.  I agree about e-mailing corporate or calling the store on a break from work and asking to speak to the manager.  Hopefully this will all turn out!!!
  • kay, I have to ask: what's with your screen name? Pink Floyd fan or something completely random? cause every time I see you on here I get Pink Floyd in my head, which I'm grateful for.
  • I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but you sound upset and I wanted to share a possible solution.This happened to me last month at the Helzberg by my house when I went to pick up my ring after it's 6 month inspection and re-dipping.  What actually happened was they initially spelled my FI's name wrong, so when they typed it in the right way to look it up, there was "no record".  After some looking around, the girl realized she could look it up by the phone number.  She found the record of it and fixed the misspelling so we won't have that problem in the future.  HTH!
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  • About the screenname- I love Pink Floyd and I go to all the tributes and whatnot.  Also, when my FI and I met at a house party they were playing Pink Floyd's "Eclipse" on the stereo.  He was completely drunk singing it and running into things.  I asked him if he was alright, he told me I was pretty, and we've been together ever since.
  • I just can't imagine why you would drop off something as valuable as your ring without getting a receipt?
  • Eclipse is one of my favorite songs ever!! love the screen name, by the way. :)
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