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DJ at Rehearsal Dinner

I am not from the west coast but my FI is. Althought the wedding is not in CA, FMIL wants to have a DJ at the rehearsal dinner. She said the DJ will keep things moving along (I guess she means the toasts). This is not the norm where I am from. Are DJ's usually at rehearsal dinners in the LA area? TIA

Re: DJ at Rehearsal Dinner

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    I have never heard of a DJ at the rehearsal dinner. I don't think it's necessary to have someone to play music while your at dinner. We did a lot of talking and story telling (there was never any down time). Tell her to save the money. Things will naturally move along without the help of a DJ.
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    I agree. There is not need for a DJ. The rehersal dinner should be more intimate and allow for everyone to talk and start to get to know each other so at the wedding they are familiar with each other and will hopefully feel comfortable dancing which is where the DJ comes in. Save the money. Good luck!
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