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Poll: Bad wedding dreams

I was inspired by one of the responses from the "Love/Hate" poll that's going on right now...Have you had any bad wedding dreams, and if so, what are they about?I've had several, and they all have to do with me not being prepared for the day somehow:*No one is there to do my hair - I've just gotten out of the shower and the ceremony is starting in 5 minutes! *Another one was that I hadn't had time to speak with the florist and the flowers were allllllll wrong. I'm a planner so I think not being prepared would be my worst nightmare!

Re: Poll: Bad wedding dreams

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    I kept having dreams that I forgot to print my vows and when we are about to do them I have to think in my head what I wrote. Real life I gave my vows to the officiant the night before at the rehearsal. At  the wedding I ask for my vows and he forgot them in his bag and had to run and get them in the middle of the ceremony!  Guess my dream had some meaning afterall!
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    Oh my, let me tell you... I have many to chose from.The worst three...1: I get to the reception and realize that I forgot all the decorations and centerpieces in Fargo, ND (where I live)... and chose to hop in a car and drive to fargo, but am stopped and forced to deal with my mistake.2: At the reception, everyone is sitting in 1 of three groups, totally ignoring all other groups (grooms side, brides side, friends).  The DJ sucks, and starts playing techno house music that is poorly mixed and gross strobe and black lights like a rave...  Then a body guard shows up, apparently to keep the teenagers from causing a ruckus coming to the rave.  But that doesn't work, and my dance turns freaky.3: The given dream... Fi leaves for whatever reason.  Stupid horror story dream, I wake up feeling wrong and sad, spend half the day pondering the dream, then get over it.
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    I had one of the FI-doesn't-show dreams, woke up crying, and asked FI why he didn't show up.  This was, mind you, at 3:00 in the morning.  He came to from a dead sleep, hears me crying and blubbering about him leaving me and spends the next 5 minutes reassuring me that that the wedding hasn't happened yet and that he will definitely show.  I made him bacon for breakfast that morning, because he totally deserved it.
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    I've had one so far, but I'm sure there will be more.  My dress was green (not that I have anything against green wedding dresses), my hair wasn't staying up, my Mom kept putting my tiara on upside-down, I completely forgot to write the vows, I screwed up on the time rented for the ceremony site and was going to move the ceremony time ahead one hour, and it was really cloudy and icky outside so I didn't think any of my pictures would turn out.  I guess everyone is feeling like we're not ready yet and the date is creeping up on us.
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