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Hi knotties,So we hired a pretty expensive photographer (our biggest splurge), and the package comes with 8 hours. We thought 8 hours was more than enough, until I started to draft a day-of timeline. But I don't want to pay for additional hours as we've already stretched our budget so far! Knotties, please take a look at my timeline and see if it makes sesne, or what I can do to fit all  my photography needs in 8 hours. 12:00-2:00           Bride get ready 1:15-2:00             Groom get ready              2:00-2:30             Walk Downstairs to a good spot for 1st look pictures 2:30-5:00              Strip tour (not renting limo so need more time) 5:00-5:30              Couple portraits outside of wedding salon/freshen up 5:30-6:00              Ceremony 6:00-6:30              Formal portraits around chapel 6:30-7:15              Drive out for family portraits by Vegas sign 7:00-8:30              Reception 8:30-9:00              Elvis, 1st dance 9:00-9:30              Cake cuttingSo my original plan was to have the photog 1:30-9:30. But now I realize 1:30 I'll probably be almost done already so he won't be able to get any get ready shots, and 9:30 we are probably barely cutting the cake. Also, having the elvis coming at 8:30 seems too rushed, because reception starts at 7. People always lag.. They probably just started eating at 8:30. But if I push the Elvis any further back then I will have even less time for cake cutting and partying coverage.. What to do what to do??

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    We are having the EXACTLY the same problem- 8 hours seems like such a long time but it's really not when you have so much planned and want to record it all! We decided to have Todd arrive shortly before we leave, which means less getting ready shots but more reception photos as these were more important to us. I plan to put my dress on after he arrives so we will at least get some pictures- before I'm dressed, touhing-up makeup, putting dress on etcThere is a chance that you will end up with delays which will mean events possibly being a bit later than you planned, but that's true of any wedding day.It's tricky, but I suppose just decide what photos you absolutely can't miss out on
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    Hmmmmm well could you do the family portraits at the Vegas sign when you do the Strip Tour between 2:30-5:00? And is renting a limo def. out of the question? Depending upon how many stops you want to make this could def. speed up the process and incorporate that family shot.  As far as the reception goes....if your ceremony is over at 6....everyone should be there in plenty of time for 7. How about moving up your first dance to maybe before dinner? My friend did her first dance right after her and the bridal party was introduced. and possible move the cake cutting up/Elvis up? What is Elvis there for? Is he just there for a half hour? Do you want him with anything specific? You could move him up with the first dance or cake cutting? Yet another question...does your chapel offer a photo package? If so I would use them to do all the chapel shots...that way you could use your outside photog for all the reception, Strip Tour ones.Good luck!!
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    And people think Vegas Weddings are easier to plan....LOL.
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