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I didn't find a separate area for this, so pardon if I should post elsewhere:Did you pick your engagement ring out yourself or did he surprise you? I loooove my ring!! I'm just not sure how/or which kind of band would work with it. It has a side stone on either side and dont' think it would sit flush with the band.  It is similar to the Tiffany Legacy engagement ring:

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  • This should probably go on P&E.  That's where most things get posted that don't really have a "group". FI picked out my ring all by himself.  And did a GREAT job!  Our only issue now is that he wants me to get a diamond band and I kind of want a plain one.  hmmm....  lol  I would recommend going to the jewlery store and trying on a bunch of different bands to see what you like best.
  • I wouldn't want to change the design of the ring, but I think one of the side stones would need to be moved or removed in order for a band to fit.  Or I could get a band custom-made with a "notch" in it.  The only drawback is if I decide not to wear my engagement ring (ie. travel, etc), the band couldn't be worn on its own.Any of you ladies run into similar situations?
  • Have you gone to stores to look and try on rings yet? My e-ring was hard to find a band that looked right with it. I went around to many, many jewelry stores (mostly by myself) to look at bands and try them on with my ring. I finally found one that matches the side stones perfectly. Good luck.
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  • Hi Jagore, Yes, I've gone to Tiffany and a local jeweler. It's a challenge to find a band that fits well because of the side stone that juts out of the ring (dont get me wrong, though. I looooove my engagement ring)!  One jeweler suggested to remove the stone or move it up higher so that the band sits "flush" (or against) the engagement ring.  I dont' think the fiance will go with it though. I'm going to keep looking!
  • Does your band have to sit flush with your e-ring? Are you planning on soldering them together? If you want them soldered then I would get a band custom made to fit the e-ring.
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  • Jagore, I think that will be the plan. Custom band with a small notch to fit the e-ring.I wonder if there's a way I can attach a photo on here..
  • id post on your local board.
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  • I posted pics of my ring. Kind of hard to see but there is that side stone which justs out enough to leave considerable space between the band and e-ring without changing the design, or getting a band with a notch in it.
  • Yeah, you're going to need a custom band for that ring. My friend had one made (very similar to yours) and when she can't wear her wedding set because of work she wears a separate simple band.
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  • Try your local Jared, if you have them there.  They have bands that have some curve to them, and many with that vintage style that your ring has.  if not, they could make you one, and it doesnt have to have that notch.  a good jeweler could work around that.
  • No band fits up against my e-ring either, but I dont really care. I am not welding them together, so I guess I do not think it is a big deal that they do not fit perfectly together. Do you need them to match perfectly and fit together?
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