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Hello Ladies!!! I am a newbie to this board. But anyhoo, my wedding date is October 19 and my colors are red, black, and a little silver. My girls are wearing short black dresses with rose boutquets. The men are wearing black tuxes with red vest and bow ties with red rose boutineers, Hubby and I are both weasring all white. So..... me and my wedding planner are clashing about the decor for the reception. She thinks I should go with white table clothes and chair covers. I totally disagree simply because white is not one of my colors. I want to have black table clothes and chair covers with red napkins and sashes. I will have oversized martini glasses with floating candles as my centerpieces with tealights around it. She says that i will have too much black and it will make the venue too dark. I think that the candles and some uplighting will lighten it up. What do u ladies think? Also, I cant decide on what color uplighting I should have. Im trying to stay away from too much red. I  was thinking of maybe amber or something down that line. What do you ladies think?
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  • Hi I'm new so I hope you don't mind me responding.

    Do you have any pictures of something similar to your vision, and what are the wall colors? If they are white then the uplighting will help, however if they are dark you may want to consider the white option (it can be a one off color. On a side note you have final say, so if it turns out too dark tell the planner to get herself some flash lights cause that's the way you want it, lol.
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  • First I will say WELCOME to both of you.. and CONGRATS I think a pic of your inspiration will be helpful. You seem to have a lot of decisions made.. and its great you already have WP.. her job is of course to guide you the right way.. but she also should be bringing YOUR VISION to life...
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    Agree with Nursing. This is one reason I didn't bring my coordinator in until AFTER my vision was planned. Maybe do a inspiration board online or in Word. Not only do I agree to find a picture for YOUR reception inspiration, I would go even further to do a mock-up at home or at the venue, if possible. Any pictures of the venue? Additionally, it looks like maybe you and coordinator need to have a talk about where you would like her help. Regarding uplighting, I would need to see a pic of the venue.
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  • Hello and welcome to the board !! I can see your vision a little bit. I agree with pp. I looked up some pics to see if this is what your somewhat looking for...
    Black white and red wedding table setup.

    Red petals pop on black linens. #wedding

    red white and black reception wedding

    I know you said no white. But maybe do sliver table runners and silver charger plates to lighting it up just a bit, other than that I think it will be pretty. 

  • Ms. Brad that second picture is what I have visioned. I do have some pics of the reception hall but I don't know how to upload them lol....It has a lot of windows around it and the back wall is covered with a huge pretty mirror. The little wall they it does have is a neutral color. Ima try to figure out how to post pics.
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  • I see you vision way better with MrsBad's pics. I do like the 2nd pic and don't feel its too dark. I could see a redish uplighting easy with this arrangement.
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:1e890d22-f504-41bb-bad0-3ccb6467bfb0Post:1f958eb6-a2e9-41fa-931f-b09b0ffd5350">Re: Reception Help</a>:
    [QUOTE]On a side note you have final say, so if it turns out too dark tell the planner to get herself some flash lights cause that's the way you want it, lol.
    Posted by To-Be-Mrs. O[/QUOTE]

    LMAO! Girl, you crazy!

    I also like Mrs. Bad's photos. Black and red is so timeless and classic
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  • To load a pic click on the tree icon theb choose file and save and the pic will be your post
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    Welcome to th AAW boards on TK!!!  I absolutly love the the red/blk/silver colors. Let me first state that your wedding planner is working for you and as Nursing said, should bring YOUR vision to life. Case in point, your Wedding Planner should do a mock up of your vision...not you. Also, she should show you her vision in a mock up as well because she may actually have something nice in mind that you you never thought about. It's all about meshing ideas together, ya know.

    I, personally, do like the black linens. However, if your venue is dark and a tight space, you will loose the wow factor. However, if it's open an airy, you can turn the lights down low, add in candles galore...that'll make it very romantic IF that is the mood you are trying to set. 

    For us to help you out, tell us a little more about the look and mood you are trying to acheive. How many tables will you have? What else will be your centerpieces? etc.

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  • Cha is sooo great.. I've told you Mrs.'re missing your
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  • Your colors sound so romantic...i love your ideas and with that being said....if it really is too dark add white or silver uplighting...
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    Thanks everybody for all your input. I must say everyone has some great ideas. For Aquari, I am going for a romantic, elegant setting. The reception hall is huge. It hold up to 350 people but I'm only anticipating 150. It has several windows around the walls. It has a large mirror on the back wall and a huge dance floor. The walls and carpet a light neutral brownish color. It will be set up with 20 tables each seating 8 people. The centerpieces will be large martini glasses about 2 feet tall with floating candles on top and several tealight candles around it. I will pit a few red rose petals on there also. And the napkins will be red along with the chair sashes
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  • I'm agreeing with CHA.


    Could you post a picture of your venue to give us an idea of how the room looks?

    I think black pintucks would look amazing with small silve candelabras and a soft red uplighting.  or to add the red you could have red rose centerpieces.  and use your uplighting to lighten the room. 
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  • Welcome to the Board.. Ohio in the house. LOL.. Love those pics Mrs Bad posted.. that's cute.. Can't wait to see your venue.

    Also i feel you on the wedding coordinator, i will admit, i met with my decor coordinator and i went in there with this is what i want... she didn't like my linens and i instantly got defensive.. but, after 10 min of seeing her vision i became open minded and i ended up loving it and it took my vision to another level.. so with that being said, maybe ya'll can come together and meet. after all she is there to help you and make your day everything you dreamed of..
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    Hey, those were my colors.....I threw in silver as my accent. The ladies wore red dress/silver shoes and the guys wore black suits/red tie/redvest. Ive attached some of my pickst to show you.

    I think if your room is dark, you might want to avoid having too much black linen. Believe me I WANTED ME SOME BLACK LINEN. But my floors were a darker color and the walls were a deep oak color. In the ceremony area, I was able to throw in some black sashes on the chairs to bring in the black. For the silver in the reception, the flower holders, silverware, and chargers are silver.

    To break it up, the head table was done in black linen and the guests tables were in ivory.

    The ceremony is light in the pic but during the actual ceremony, the lights were all dimmed because we had candles around the the flowers on all the podiums and all on the stage floor and the podiums on there also to give a romantic view.

    Also, I have a pic of bridesmaid near the decor to give you idea. lol

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  • gmg.....I love your pics and thanks for posting those. It really gave me a new light on everything. The ivory tableclothes were gorgeous with that red
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