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Cake Poll!

So I posted on P&E earlier today about going to Cheesecake Factory today. They just came out with a new cheesecake - Red Velvet. It was amazing. So that got me thinking. For your wedding what are you having? 1. Cake or Cupcake? 2. How many flavors/tiers? 3. Which flavor is your favorite? 4. Describe what it will look like. (Post a pic if you can) And go!

Re: Cake Poll!

  • 1. Cupcakes 2. 1 3. Red Velvet w/Chocolate Butter Cream frosting (might just do regular Butter Cream) 4. I think they will have black flowers on them with blue and purple butterflies

  • 1. Cake2. 3 tiers all marble with banana buttercream (with banana pieces) for filling3. ^4. I really really really wanted a black cake but I'm pretty sure the frosting with stain everyone's teeth, so we decided on a white cake with a black pattern....ideas in bio :)I love love love red velvet cake, IMO chocolate frosting would take away from the taste of the cake though-just my $0.02
  • 1. Cake 2. 3 tiers all different. Top tier- cinnamon swirl, middle- butter pecan, bottom- french vanilla. With vanilla buttercream frosting. 3. Hard to say between the butter pecan and cinnamon swirl 4. The tiers will be square with "rough" icing with orange roses and gerberas. Cake inspiration: http://tinyurl.com/llx83x With icing like this http://tinyurl.com/noa2qx
  • 1. Cake 2. Choclate and French Vanilla 3. Chocolate! 4. Round with five tiers, alternating between white fondant with a black damask print and white with black swagging on a silver cake stand, toss bouquet underneath and dark red, burn orange, and dark purple flowers on top.
  • 1. Cake2. We're having 4 tiers.  Two tiers will be white cake with pineapple mouse and fresh strawberries, frosted with french buttercream. The other two tiers will be marble cake, w/ hazelnut mousse and butterfinger crunch.  3. They both are! 4. It'll be 4 tiers, squared, ivory buttercream, and black fondant swirls, and flowers.  Topped with our 'day of the dead' bride and groom.  
  • 1. Cake 2. 3 tiers: Marble pound with Bailey's Irish cream mousse, Cheesecake, Lemon with raspberry buttercream. 3. I haven't tasted them yet, but I'm really looking forward to the lemon 4. PIB
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