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DIY wedding planning system?

Hello,So I wanted to see if anyone has used or knows another bride who has used Ciara Daykin's DIY wedding planning system. Hiring a wedding planner is definitely not in our budget, however we could really use some guidance. Ciara's system seems like a great idea but I'd like to hear some reviews before I drop the money on it.Thanks!

Re: DIY wedding planning system?

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    Honestly, I'd never heard of it before and I just googled it - it totally looks like a waste of $$$$.  How much time do you have til your wedding?  If you to to a bookstore (or a library) you'll find books with the SAME info that lady is trying to sell you (I'm guess here obviously).  Also, if you are looking to spend $250 - you could probably hire a Day of Coordinator for a similar price (maybe a teeny bit more).I'd also highly suggest 'Real Simple Weddings' you can find it in print or online, it has a ton of useful check lists for you.GL!
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    I used this website and it was a life saver: It's a forum with a ton of brides planning their wedding. You can start a journal, ask questions about anything, and read about other people's weddings. The Ciara's explanation for her "planning system" is very vague. I'm skeptical. I have never so much as planned a birthday party, and with the use of the internet and that above website I planned a 90 person wedding pretty much by myself. I wouldn't buy it.
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    I am using a binder I bought from Exclusivley Weddings and the check list from this site and watch the Wedding SOS show she fixes people messes quite well...everytime I watch it I look for the pitfalls others have had.... Like bring a sheet to get dressed on, I am sure the floor won't be clean enought for my dress to touch.  Review your contracts with vendors 90 days out. I figured out I had the flowers being delivered at the same time the pictures were to start.
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