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Check! WP question?

I'm so excited that we now have our date, ceremony location (Trellis Events in Stillwater), and reception location (White Bear Country Inn), and I've finally asked all my BMs! Our wedding isn't until 8-28-10, but I'm glad to have some of the biggies out of the way. We've had our date and ceremony location for a few weeks, but just signed the contract for the reception location and just tonight asked the remaining two of my BMs. Deciding on the wedding party has been somewhat difficult and dramatic, so I'm glad to have it settled. A little nervous about one of them though, because there is a decent chance she will be very pregnant by then and will no longer want to be in the wedding party, but we'll take that as it comes. Also not sure what to do since now I have 4 BMs and FI has 3 groomsmen. But, we still have plenty of time to figure that out, I think? Anyone else have uneven numbers in the wedding party? Any creative ideas to make that work? FI is trying to decide whether to ask a 4th groomsmen or to just leave it uneven. Though if my 4th BM drops out due to pregnancy, maybe then it wouldn't be an issue? I know, I know, this isn't something to worry about at this point, but can anyone offer a little reassurance :)
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Re: Check! WP question?

  • AimothyAimothy member
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    I have an uneven bridal party...and have yet to be struck down.  I wouldn't ask someone just to make it even. To make it work, I think we are going to have one groomsman walk with two girls...really not a big deal, and no one will really care.

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    We had planned to have an even wedding party (4 BM, 4GM) but one of my BMs dropped out of the WP this week. So, even if you plan for it to be even things can always happen where someone can't make it. I think you should pick the people that mean the most to you, not just for the sake of having even numbers.
  • Bimbi284Bimbi284 member
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    Yup, we're uneven too! No biggie!
  • kristigileskristigiles member
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    We have 6 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen. We're just going to have the two maids of honor walk with the best man. Problem solved!
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    I was MOH in my sister's uneven wedding party, and I walked down the aisle alone and then during the recessional I had a fella on each arm. It was fun!We're probably going to have a lopsided wedding party too - I think it's silly to ask people just to have even numbers - it's about quality, not quantity.
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  • IzzygrimIzzygrim member
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    Thank you all for the reassurance! I guess we really don't feel we need to ask anyone else just to have even numbers, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be causing us extra fuss or worry by having uneven numbers. I don't want one extra thing to have to think about or plan around! I'm feeling better now though, so thanks again.
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