pms makes me a fatty

1 cinnamin raison bagel with cream cheese1 box of mike&ikes1 bag of peanut m&m1 turkey blt sandwich (with mayo mind you)1 bag of kettle chipssomeone stop me!

Re: pms makes me a fatty

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    Nope; it all sounds good to me :) I had a choco covered pretzel, taco bell, and I don't know why that is all I ate but I'm full.
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    Me too... I just made myself bacon.  Thats it nothing else. 
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    oh man, I'm right with you.  3 weeks from the wedding (and a week away from getting back in the dress for another fitting) and i'm sitting here with a burrito and a bag of twizzlers.  thank you, PMS, for making a fatty!
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    I'm on the same track! Eating constantly without reservation! Sad but true: Today my fiance was getting measured for a suit and I grabbed a measuring tape and measured myself to make sure I'll still get into my dress!
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