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Eco-Friendly Weddings

FOUND: cool eco-friendly bridesmaids dresses!

Hey all, just thought I'd share what I found today while looking for eco-friendly bridesmaids dresses. www.luxebridal.com sells organic bamboo wrap dresses in nice bright colors. The dress can be worn 20 different ways. I am getting them in apple and letting my bridesmaids choose which way they want to wear it to give them each a little individuality and uniqueness. Also, the dresses are only $158 (for the knee-length). which is really about average price for a bridesmaids dress. I had to buy a dress from david's bridal for a wedding I was in which cost more than this eco-friendly alternative! Also, if you are an etsy.com user, there are several vendors on that site which offer eco-friendly dresses. I was also considering Conscious clothing for the BMs dresses which I found through Etsy. Good Luck Greening your weddings everyone!!

Re: FOUND: cool eco-friendly bridesmaids dresses!

  • How did you know what the color would look like? I couldn't find the colors to look at them Thanks!
  • I had a friend who thought about doing wrap dresses for the bridesmaid dresses.  She bought one for herself and no one could figure out how to get it to wrap correctly!  It was pretty hilarious watching 5 women puzzle over the instructions.  In the end she went for something else.
  • The colors are on the webpage under a link at the top-right of the page. Also, I emailed their contact people, and got 3 free color fabric swatches in the mail within days! They are very friendly and helpful! On another note, they have a dvd which has the instructions for wrapping shown by real people (instead of drawings). So it was helpful! I just got the swatches a few days ago, and the fabric is SOOOO soft! I am totally sold.I am getting hemp/silk neckties made for the groomsmen by a vendor I found on Etsy.com. "Conscious Clothing" is the store name. 
  • This is pretty cool! Can you share pictures with us so we can see them on your bridesmaids? Thanks for sharing!
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