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Vineyard Weddings


We're having it at Sunset Hills Vineyard, they're located in Purcellville. Check out Hillsborough and Tarara they are both really popular. A lot of people like Breaux but I found them snobby and way over priced! One piece of advice make sure you like the wine at whichever winery you choose. Since you can't serve liquor at most (or is that any?) wineries you want to make sure you give your guests something they can actually stomach. Let me know if you have any other questions I also hang out on the DC board.

Re: ***ecsmiles***

  • Great!  Thanks so much for the suggestions, we actually have appointments to tour Hillsborough, Breaux, Sunset Hills, and Loudoun Valley next weekend.  I've gotten that same feeling from Breaux.  They have some great photos on their site, but looking through the costs compared to some other ones seems much higher. 
  • You need the same license for beer and wine at a venue...the issue with hard liquor is that not all wineries have a hard liquour license as it is required to be a certain distance from the wine (and due to some other requirements I cant remember at the moment) :)
  • Yeah when we were looking at Breaux the faciliies charge was the same as others BUT that didn't include actual reception space! We would have still had to rent a tent for an additional costs. Hillsborough's owner is super nice and sweet and their caterer while a little difficult in an artistic frazzled kind of way is also wonderful and her food is to die for. We didn't look at Loudon we could not get them to return our emails :( Sunset is a great location but they seem to have problems responding to questions and keeping an events coordinator. But I'm hoping that as my wedding gets closer that will sort itself out. :)
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