who was thinking about a publix cake?

i got an email from TK with a $20 off $200 cake from publix...i don't need it, i'll forward it if you want it.

Re: who was thinking about a publix cake?

  • trishastoreytrishastorey member
    edited December 2011
    is it good at any publix? or a particular one? I was actually thinking about using publix for my wedding cake. If you dont mind forwarding it to me if you dont want it, i'll definitely take it if someone else hasnt already asked. my email is [email protected] in advance
  • edited December 2011
    FI and I have been looking at publix's cakes; they offered us a really good deal, compared to other bakers. Please send it to me, if you still have it. TIA! [email protected]
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