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Some advice, please...

This may be kind of long, which means a lot coming from me, :). I am in the middle of trying to book a florist, as some of you know. I've narrowed it down to two choices: First, a couple of women that run a shop out of a home, and have little overhead it seems as a result. They've been great to work with thus far, especially doing everything over email without having ever talked to me. There have been little miscommunications here and there with getting a quote on the things that I had asked for, but each time they've been prompt to fix them and seem always willing to redo proposals without seeming at all frustrated over the course of a few weeks. This means a lot, considering a couple of other florists I've talked to wouldn't consider my change of colors without paying them 100+ dollars to hold my date first. She's been recommended by a couple of brides on my local board, but some were unsure of how experienced they were. They do seem passionate about their work though. Second, a woman who runs an event planning company who is also a florist. She has her own linens and chairs for rent, and has offered some great deals on those if we decide we can afford them -- prices that would turn out to be the cheapest I've found. She seems to have quite a bit of experience, and several brides on my local board highly recommend her. My cake vendor (probably the highest recommended one on my local board and very trustworthy) has highly recommended her as well because they've worked together on many occasions and says she's a true perfectionist. The quote for flowers from her came in a little higher than the Springtree by $200 at most. Her business is BBB certified A+, and all that good stuff too. So, I guess I need a little help making a decision. WWYD? Is it worth it to you to spend the extra money to go with someone with better credentials? I suppose she'd be a great vendor/resource to have while wedding planning, but the other women seemed like they'd be great to work with as well. I think I'm leaning towards the second, but I almost feel bad putting the first florist through so much just in the end to say "sorry, we're going with someone else". They're mothers with kids getting married soon as well, so I think they know how a bride must feel during the planning process and seem willing to work with budgets. Plus, I don't even know that I can afford getting the ceremony folding chairs, chair covers, etc. even with a good deal. Am I just letting guilt affect my decision too much? There's been talk about various caterers and florists going out of business in the last few months on my local board, and all that is starting to make me nervous as well. One florist who was highly recommended a while back on the board just up and left her stores. No warning -- just hung her brides out to dry. :-\ Thanks for making it through the long post, and TIA for any advice, opinions, etc. :)

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    Hmm, this is hard. I do think you're letting guilt get into your decision, but all these decisions are so emotional. Your gut is telling you to go towards the second one, and sometimes we just need to go with our gut. You are right though about businesses going out of business. I think $200 is worth having a piece of mind knowing that your vendor is BBB certified and reliable.I would write a longer response but I don't feel like I don't have much to add. I'll be feeling the same way you do if I were in your shoes. All I can say is that I hope you'll be happy with your decision in the end.
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    Both sound like good choices to me.If the $200 is a huge deal to you guys, go with the cheaper one.If you feel more comfortable with the other one, then go with them.Personally, I've taken some chances with a few relatively inexperienced vendors and had great luck so far. All that matters is that you do your due dilligence, and are comfortable with them.Vendors understand that not every inquiry equals a sale. It's business, nothing personal. Whoever you DON'T choose, just send them a nice email or call them to say thanks for their time, but you've selected another vendor.
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    don't feel guilty. getting the florist you have a good instinct about (who you think will deliver good quality flowers as promised) is what is most important. even if the previous florist spent a lot of time with you.i met with 2-3 florists in the beginning, paid a deposit with one, but then ended up switching last minute to someone else b/c i had gone to a wedding that he did and was so impressed with his work. so choose the one you like..the others will understand., it's buisness.
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