FMIL HAHA (rant?)... a littel long

oh boy.. this is a good one!my shower is tomorrow.... my FMIL has had the menu planned for 3 months... games and has bought all of the paper supplies many many weeks in advance. My mom is cohosting it.... by FMIL is a little OCD i guess and i don't think she understands how to plan such a large event. Since the date was set FFIL had plans to drive his truck with 'the gifts' to my mothers where the shower is being held (30 min from thier house) while FMIl drove her SIL, MIL, and friend to the shower... with food. "it all won't fit in one car!" I secretly thought that FILs wanted to take the gifts back- the ones that i couldnt take with me- for some strange reason! So in order to save them a trip... and keep FFIL away (nothing against him but a shower is kind of a girls thing, right?) my mom offered to pick up some of the things- gifts or whatever would stay in her car for a few hours on her way home from work (she works in the same town they live) FMIL asked her to pick up sherbret from her.... (thats it? it won't even stay in the car!)... and restated that FFIL will be coming too. WELL today, she called my mom asking to come up tonight to drop some things off. WHAT? After she offered to pick it up!? My mom doesn't think FMIL trusts her and wants to check in... I don't know what to think (since i had heard her say a while ago that she wanted to go up the night before to help set up!)so strange..... and dont get me wrong i love all of my family and family to be its just those little things... :)

Re: FMIL HAHA (rant?)... a littel long

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    Is it possible that all of this is really nerve wracking for her?When MIL plans events, she thinks it's effortless for her but there's always a the crisis du jour for a week.  Just don't show her a gift list!  That's MIL's desire. 
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    Lauren, I just had to say that I love that photo of you and that color is PERFECT!
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    ie shirt color. holy crap ticker says 21 days!
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    Ehh..I think it is cute they all want to help. Plus guys want to really know what happens at these things.  I crashed a stag once by accident it was as boring as a shower (unless it's yours of course) LOL
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